Thursday, November 17, 2011

Grimhilda! and HitTail

I've had a long involvement with HitTail, and have always found their approach to SEO and keywords both intriguing and useful.   I haven't written a blog post about them for a while, but have been keeping an eye on my account with them.

Anyway, just checking with them today has been interesting in relation to the musical I've written - Grimhilda!.   I thought I'd check out the searches for the musical, and was pleasantly surprised at the number of searches there had been.   So I online publicity machine is having some effect, somehow (not just with this blog, but with Twitter and Facebook). 

In the last week there have been searches using the following keywords:

grimhilda cast stageworks
grimhilda musical score
grimhilda musical score mrs mapp
grimhildadunedin (in twice in a row)
mikecrowlgrimhilda (I'm not sure that putting all these in one long word is the best approach, but it must have worked, because they found the blog). 
mike crowl and stageworks
grimhilda stageworks.

There may have been a bit of an upsurge because some members of the cast have been announced (on Sunday night) and I guess some of the aforesaid cast members may be trying to see what more they can find out about the show, which is fair enough.

The key word, Grimhilda, on its own, has had 30 hits, which puts it in the top forty search words (still some way behind athletes hands, zirka circus and mike crowl).  grimhilda stageworks is the next phrase, but it's quite a way down the list, with only 4 hits (not surprising, given its more focused approach); grimhilda dunedin has 3.  The other words shown above are all below the threshold.

You might not find these things fascinating, but they bring out the stats-man in me (not the statesman, please note).
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