Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I’ve written a post elsewhere about Google’s range of utilities, but there’s one perhaps I should be making more use of, and that’s the kind of online postit feature, where you can add things as you remember them, or as you find them.
Why I mention this is because I’ve just again come across a piece called Nevertheless, which has to be one of the oddest titles around (though is typical of more recent music composition titles, which are tending towards the abstract rather than the helpful). It’s a piece of music by a man called Georgs Pelecis - he comes from a Baltic country; hence the slightly unusual spelling of his first name.
The strange thing about Nevertheless is that I keep hearing it, in passing almost, but definitely aware of it. It was on the radio again this morning, while we were painting one of our bedrooms, but even as I write I have this odd feeling that I’ve got the CD with the piece of music on it! Yet I don’t remember buying it. Perhaps I just had it out of the library for longer than usual.
Anyway, Nevertheless is an unusual piece in which a scale is used over and over, while other instruments ruminate in the background. It’s rather like someone sitting out in the country testing out an instrument and discovering that he can actually get something musical from it. Meanwhile the cattle are lowing, as they say, in the background.
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