Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Getting to grips with a composition

Over the weekend I took another crack at one of the piano pieces I'd started a few weeks back and then abandoned. Chopped it around, and tidied it up, and added stuff to it, and it's making some progress. Still not quite kicking off, somehow, but it's early days yet.
Haven't got a title for it, not even a working title, so maybe that's what I need to get the juices moving on it. Maybe because it's feeling nameless it's cooperating less.
Since I had the new harddrive installed on the computer the screen resolution has changed again, and the default size print is small. Maybe not that small, although that's sometimes how it feels. Might have to get magnifiers of some sort: the kind that swing down off the top of the monitor and make everything twice as big. It's the same problem at work for a number of the web pages. They come up smaller than is comfortable, as does Word. I put Word up to a default 150% which makes it real easy to read, and click + on the web pages, which generally improves any that are uncomfortable to read. The worst is the NZ Stats page. Its default font is diabolically tiny!
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