Thursday, April 28, 2011


Wim Wenders is a German filmmaker (and playwright, author, photographer and producer) who is known for a wide range of movies, both fiction and documentary (Wings of Desire, Paris Texas, The Buena Vista Social Club, to name just two out of many).

His most recent movie is Pina and you can garner a great deal of information about it on its official website.

It's a tribute to a great German dancer and choreographer, Pina, whose Wuppertal dance troupe has gained international recognition. She died in 2009, and the film includes stage versions of some of her dances as well as re-staged versions done on mountains, in the city, in water and so on.

Furthermore it's been filmed in 3-D, and by all accounts is astonishing. You can see an excellent trailer for the movie on the website (give it a moment to appear), in which the style of the movie and the dances are clearly shown.

There are also half a dozen short clips on Vimeo which shown the range of the dancers from strangely slow to crazy in water to romantic on a roadside to this one - frenzy in the ballroom?

PINA (3D) Un film de Wim Wenders - Extrait 1/6 from les films du losange on Vimeo.

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