Friday, April 08, 2011

More on quirky places

My wife (not wearing her moissanite earrings) and I - and the dog - (that's not him on the left) went for an hour-long walk this morning, along to the end of the street, down winding, narrow, steep Lancefield St, into Caversham village, stopped for a brief chat with our neighbour who was having a smoko outside her work, and then back up the hill via the Glen, up Reynolds St (at least as steep as Lancefield), up a track leading towards 165 steps (and up them) and up into Avoca St, Appold, Vickery, Maryhill Tce and home again.

What was quirky? Apart from Lancefield St, off which the Assembly of God Church had once owned a property where they thought of building a church (that was quirky) I'd never known there was a track between Reynolds and Avoca - I've come down into Reynolds from Maryhill Tce before, but didn't know that was a route opposite that went up a different way. It's virtually rural up there. (In fact, there's a black llama in a property just down the way in Glen Rd - that's a black llama in the picture, but not the one we saw.)

Any of these walks up and down this side of the hill will lead you to all sorts of oddball mini-streets, streets so small that two cars can barely pass, or streets that turn into steps or tracks or suddenly disappear altogether. I'm not sure that I'd like to live on them, but people do.

As we were walking along in the wind, we found several of the new DCC recycling bins had blown over, so found ourselves doing a bit of civic duty and picking up the papers and cardboard and so on that had spilled out. Not only did it show that these bins aren't terrible stable, especially in a wind, but they must also be a bit of a nightmare to collect in some of the narrow streets I mentioned above.

Photo courtesy of 'Shutthedoor'


Anonymous said...

But did you see Peter Street?.. (hehe) now thats odd to a child, that your Grandmother would live at the top of a street (as mine did) named for your father???.. speaking of which,... that my mother would grow up in a street named for her future husband??. Anyway, all to add that 'Yes' there is a real rabbit warren of streets, and walkways that aren't even sign posted...happy walking :-) (Deirdre Cooper)

Dom said...

I could have told you Avoca St connected to the other one. I lived there for six months.

Mike Crowl said...

So you did, Dom. I'd forgotten. Was that the period when we never saw you, even though you only lived down the road? :)

Mike Crowl said...

Deirdre, those are interesting coincidences...I remember your family living in Duncan St. Where are they these days?