Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy fortnight

What you might call a loaded couple of weeks.

Not only do I retire on Thursday - finishing 50 years of full-time employment (apart from a couple of patches when I was out of work) - but I've got
  • two concerts at one of the Mosgiel retirement villages, on two successive Fridays, with two different groups of singers;
  • practices for a bunch of brass band soloists for the Provincial contest in Roxburgh on Saturday week;
  • rehearsals for the play, Shadowlands, twice a week - if I can make both rehearsals;
  • continuing work on the musical that I've been writing music for over the last few months;
  • some transcription work for a couple of singing teachers (shifting a piece of music up or down a key)
  • and probably several other things like eating and sleeping and spending some time with my wife....
At least with being retired from Friday inclusively, I'll actually have day time spare as well as a few evenings. Which will be a major plus. I actually need to retire: I'm too busy to work! At least at this rate I won't need to take a diet supplement like Oxyelite to lose some weight (gained in part from too many morning teas at our office); I'll be rushing from A to B to C so fast the calories will simply fly off.

One of my current colleagues at work keeps suggesting all sorts of (mostly ridiculous) jobs I could take up in my retirement. I keep asking myself, what's retirement for, if it's not to stop working full-time....

So hopefully the dog will get some extra walks, my wife and I will have time to spend together doing some of the things we enjoy doing in tandem, I'll read some of the pile of books that have accumulated, watch the odd DVD, maybe volunteer myself for odd jobs for other people and...who knows. The nice thing is there's no need to get up in the morning by a certain time in order to arrive and start working. I can do it all from home!
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