Tuesday, June 05, 2012

"Existenzielle Fragen an christliche Themen"

Once again HitTail has provided me with a startlingly random set of search items so I thought I'd use them in a little poem.  The first in the list, 'the smiling Christ artist' refers to Johannes Wickert, whose 'Smiling Christ' we saw while in Luxembourg back in 2007.   'Brad Crowl' doesn't appear on the blog, though Brad Greenburg does, along with Brad Pitt, the animator Brad Bird, and Brad McGann, a NZ film director.  I'd never thought what the name 'Brad' might mean till now, and of course, it's a shortened form of Bradley (usually), and it means a 'broad meadow.'   So there you go. 

Here are the four search items: 

the smiling Christ artist
clippings converter
brad crowl
winnie the pooh symbolism

Another HitTail poem

Wickert's Christ smiles; 
not quite such an 
anomaly as you might expect.  

he whose paintings are 
often existential questions
on Christian themes

might well be ready to put a 
smile on the face of Christ.  
But how curious it is that  

while in the German language 
Fragen has a capital, 
in line with German nouns, 

christliche does not.  Of 
course the word's adject-
tival, but to the English 

eye, and to the average
Spellchecker, christlike sans
capital seems unkempt, 


A clippings converter seems
to me the machine to translate
hedgerows into leaf litter,

or even leaf-litter-
leftover.  Brad Crowl, I 
suspect, in spite of being a 

spurious adjunct to my 
blog, seems just the man to
deal with such a shrubbery

issue, whilst contemplating, 
between conversions,
Winnie the Pooh symbolism. 
 At the same time can be found in his paintings are often a sign of hope or a new perspective. Many of his images can be understood as an existential questions on Christian theme

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