Monday, January 13, 2014

Rankin outranks Tyler

I began reading another Anne Tyler: Celestial Navigation.  It's very good, and the opening chapter, told by one of the sisters of the main character, is a prime example of how to write as a character who doesn't know the effect she's having on other people.

However, while I was in the library today, I discovered that there's a new Ian Rankin book out - Saints of the Shadow Bible - in which Rankin not only brings that superb character, John Rebus, back into the force, but stacks him up against Malcolm Fox, the main character in two other recent Rankin titles. (It's very easy to type Ranking instead of Rankin for some reason.)

The book is available on Kindle, of course, so I'm already well into, and poor old Anne will just have to wait now until I've finished it.
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