Sunday, August 14, 2005

Short attention....spans

One of the constants amongst Christian writers in the postmodern field is the idea that because young people have such short attention spans, we have to keep hammering away with new things all the time to keep them interested. None of your old-fashioned story-telling, or sitting them down and asking them to read their Bibles, or, heaven forbid, making them hear a sermon.

But it isn’t just Christian writers on this bandwagon.

Who wouldn’t have a short attention span when rubbish is served up - as in much popular television, or in weak and watery pop music lacking in inventive words and interesting melodies? You don’t have to be a young person to find your attention wandering with this kind of stuff.

But attention to things that are interesting – now that’s a different ballgame.

I note that Greg Sandow, in his 4th August, 2005 blog, writes some effective words on this subject, and its well worth reading.
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