Saturday, February 24, 2007

More on the job

I meant to say, in the post I did on the place I’m working at, at present, that for some of the staff a good deal of the day is spent running (not literally) back and forth between the two buildings. This is probably about a 100 metre walk from where I work, along the road to the corner and down at right angles, but several of us indulge in this form of exercise several times a day. When, as a temp, I was in the job I was originally employed for, I spent more time wandering back and forth. It gave me some fresh air, gave me something to do to fill in the not-always-filled time, and gave me contact with a different set of faces. In my current status, I’m not able to leave the office quite so much, but there are still excuses for getting over there, such as when one of the other staff says, ‘Are you going over to H St?’ and I say Yes, because why should I not?
I’m not getting the normal exercise I’ve had for years in my other jobs, where I was able to walk to work. With this job starting at 8, it takes quite some effort to get away by 7.30, and it’s further away than my other jobs were. I may yet start to gear myself up to getting up early enough to do this, but after some months of not having to get up quite so early as in the past, I’ve got out of the habit.
By the way, I mentioned the ANZ man in yesterday’s post. For those who don’t know what I was referring to, this is the link.
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