Monday, January 01, 2007

That destructive ANZ man...!

Disclosure policy
Something that really bugs me about the latest ANZ credit card ads is this. We see a guy – and he looks like a really nice guy - happily chopping up credit cards with shears, in a shredder, with a chain saw, and even burning them with a blow torch. And the reason he’s doing this? So he can tell you that you can get rid of your old credit card by swapping it over to ANZ’s card and saving yourself a lot of interest in the process.
For six months.
But if, as I do, I already have an ANZ credit card, do you think I can get that same sort of low interest figure. Don’t be silly. If I asked for that, I’d find that same nice man chasing me down the bank corridors with his shears, chain saw or blow torch.
If I complained that such a policy is unfair, I’d probably wind up in the shredder.
I see that people in the UK can go to a site for credit card advice, that is, they can find out where to get the best deal on credit cards, rather like a mortgage broker. I don’t suppose it’ll be long before we have something similar here in NZ. They also offer news about changes and such in credit cards, something that you don’t really hear about here, where the only ‘news’ you get is advertising news, and that ain’t likely to be too objective!
I think I’ll include their site in my favourites section under ‘financial’ and keep an eye on things. It might be surprising what I’ll learn!

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