Friday, January 19, 2007

Planning the Great Event

Sometimes website names are a little confusing to read. For instance there’s one I regularly see when I walk into town: Without fail I read it as, rather that what it is: Go!
I had a look at a site called today. At first I thought it was Region See how the eye tells the brain incorrect messages? I wondered what on earth a company called Region Line would do, and had to check it out. Turns out they’re called Reg on Line (Reg being short for Registration, so the ‘g’ is soft), and they promote software that makes it easy - very easy in fact – to get a function up and running and attend to all the details. If I was about to set up a function, which unfortunately I’m not, I’d go for this at the drop of a hat. It seems to me superb. The focus is on Online Registration.
There was only one small point I picked up on and that was so minor, and didn’t stop me going ahead with a free registration, that it isn’t worth worrying about. As part of their registration process (to join the site) they ask where you heard about them. Amongst other things they ask if you have a special promotion code. Nope, I didn’t, but it didn’t seem to matter as I couldn’t see where to put any code anyway.
Small beer. The rest of the site is very easy to access, and their demo video makes it plain that this is pretty easy software to use. It has the look of something like the Eudora email program – and probably quite a few other programs as well, and immediately it makes you feel at home. I can understand this! you say.
Everything is integrated in the program, from emailouts to ways to invoice and charge, from reports to follow-ups. They even tell you how much it would cost – and suggest the best pricing options. That’s not something everyone will do online.
We could have done with something like this for our son’s wedding a couple of years or more ago. Or rather, they could have, as they did most of the organising of who was coming – after a bit of argy-bargy with us! If he’d known about this, I’m sure my son would have gone for it hook, line and sinker. He loves programming his life – as well as his work. I can just see him emailing all his guests to fill in the Event Registration Forms that are available here. It would have saved him a lot of time on his laptop! And some stress (as if getting married wasn’t stressful enough in the first place…)
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