Saturday, January 20, 2007

Smaller and smaller cellphones

My kids and my wife have always been enthusiasts for the latest in cellphones – and they’re constantly taking pictures on them, as well as short videos. I’m still in the basic cellphone mode, because it’s taken me a while to be bothered with having a cellphone, and all I really need one for is a bit of communication now and then. Such as when the car stops in the middle of nowhere, as it did when we were travelling to Christchurch the other day. One minute going fine, next minute going nowhere.
My daughter tells me the Motorola Z3 is commonly called The Razor (based on the initials RIZR). It’s razor thin, amongst things, and it has – well, I don’t know what it doesn’t have. A click flick through the list tells me there’s Bluetooth wireless technology, colour screen, data capability, email connectivity, handsfreeability, MP3 player usability, and voice dialability. Why would you go anywhere else? as the ad (for something else) goes.
And of course, most important of all – for some people – you can get stylish ring tones, and groovy screen tattoos. (Screen tattoos? Oh, will you get with it! They’re like tattoos that you’d have on your body except that you have them on your screen. It’s obvious.)
Ring tonability and screen tattooability. And did I mention it’s razor thinability, too?
You can buy the Motorola MOTOKRZR online, wherever you are.
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