Monday, January 15, 2007

Me and Trade Me

My wife and I went to Christchurch on Friday, partly to give her a bit of a holiday away from the house (even though she’s been on holiday for three weeks, we’d had to stay at home because I’m working evenings at present); partly to see my daughter and her partner, and her toddler, who’s just begun to walk; and, as an added inventive, partly to dip in and out of various secondhand bookshops and op shops and such on the way to find some books to sell on Trade Me.
We didn’t come back exactly loaded up with books, but there are certainly enough there to keep me going for a few weeks. And it’ll give me a chance to list some new stock as opposed to the items I’ve listed several times before.
Trade Me is surely one of NZ’s phenomena. What other institution in the country (apart from the government, perhaps) can you mention in conversation and everyone else will have had some experience of it? If they haven’t bought on Trade Me themselves, they’ll know someone who has – and they ‘got this great bargain’ – and the details will come pouring out.
My daughter regularly sells on Trade Me and is quite canny with it. She doesn’t appear to be a businesswoman, but when it comes to that sort of business, she’s very shrewd. And within the wider family I think everyone has bought something – everyone! That’s quite extraordinary, when you think about it.
This isn’t an advertisement for Trade Me – or for my involvement on it – as some of these posts quite unabashedly are. But if you’re interested in checking out what I’m selling, just click here!

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