Sunday, January 07, 2007

Some more on Comments

I don’t get many comments on my site, and of course they don’t appear unless you click on them. A few are relevant to the post they’re attached to; most appear suspiciously irrelevant.
Here’s one that seems like a compliment…with a sting in its tail.
"You really have some interesting stuff on your site. keep at it.xenical."
This one seems to warp off into some other space/time continuum:
"Perspectives on Crisis Vary As Worshipers Refill PewsLA PLACE, La., Sept. 11 -- Willie B. Jones couldn't contain his excitement. Standing with his wife, Loretta, at New Home Ministries, Jones was attending his first church service since Hurricane Katrina swept ...I like your blog! Hey, if you're interested in health and healthy kid snacks recipe, you might like to visit my healthy kid snacks recipe - it's all about healthy kid snacks recipe. Thanks!"
And this one is over-the-top complimentary – and has a slight brain-stop in the middle:
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As does this one…
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And I got a whole series of this kind. Apparently private road construction is very important!
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