Thursday, January 11, 2007

Being Civil

I’ve had a lot to do with recruitment firms over the last few months, since I left my last job. I’ve found that unless you stay on their case, they don’t stay on yours. One reason I got for this, is that they’ve got new people coming in all the time that they have to deal with. A flabby excuse, I say. What’s the point of taking you onto their books if they’re not going to do their best for you?
Anyway, I’ve complained about them enough online already in other places. Maybe some of my complaints are unjustified, maybe not. Maybe I’m just a complainer by nature – which is probably why I write a lot.
The sort of work I’m looking for, pretty much, is general office work. I’m good with figures, data, computers, admin – all those sorts of things. Pity I wasn’t a civil engineer, because there’s a recruitment company in the States who, (I quote), don’t ‘churn’ "through old resumes; we focus on dialing hot prospects and building relationships……CSI makes every effort to customize the search to fit your needs." They sound like my kind of people. They sound proactive. They sound as though they wouldn’t put you on the back burner and expect you to keep bursting into flames to get noticed.
So, if you’re looking for Civil Engineer Jobs or are out to recruit a Civil Engineer (no point coming to me, I’m not civil enough), CSI are your people. They give me confidence – and when you’re out of work that’s something you soon lack!
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