Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dressing up Online

Back in the dim dark ages, little girls used to be able to buy books of cut-out dolls – they usually came as part of the cardboard cover (the dolls, I mean, not the little girls – we all know little girls are made of sugar and spice, and a bit of curry) – and then inside the book would be a host of ‘dresses’ that you could fold over the doll, so you could dress her up as you pleased. From my recollection they weren’t entirely satisfactory, as the little paper folds were never quite substantial enough to hold onto the dolls for long.
How do I know this, being a bloke? I have no idea – it’s possible in my non-bloke childhood I actually had something like this. But who can remember so long ago? Being an only child I wasn’t beholden to any brothers or sisters as to what I should or shouldn’t do, so it’s possible I dressed up little cardboard dolls. Or maybe I just saw them somewhere. (This ain’t confession time!)
Anyway, these days, things being what they are, with the Internet an’ all, you can do the same sort of thing online. It all looked a bit complicated to me, but no doubt my nearly-seven-year-old granddaughter would take one look at it and have it sussed in a matter of minutes. You can use these pixellated dolls for dress up games or become your own ‘dollmaker.’ I’m addressing that last sentence to little girls, by the way, little girls who are very with it when it comes to using the Net. My granddaughter is into something called Bratz – we have to stop her printing off every screen she comes across – and that’s very fashion conscious, with most of its games centring around fashion. (The characters all strike me as rather unlikely, but then, am I a seven-year-old girl?)
Or if, you aren’t seven, and you’d like to make use of these, you can turn them into avatars. Yes, you all know what avatars are. I talked about them in a post on the 8th of January. Go on, have a look. If you get lost, I'll tell you in the next post.
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