Thursday, January 25, 2007

A J Hudson footnote

In some of the posts I do, I’m restricted from including other links, which is okay. Them’s the breaks. But sometimes it’s nice to add links to topics that get mentioned. So this is a kind of footnote post where you can click on the word, Dreamgirls, to find out more about the movie I mentioned in the last post. There’s also a very good bio of Jennifer Hudson at this link.
One thing I love about IMDB, the movie site (for those not familiar with those initials) is that you can find out all sorts of irrelevant things – well, they’re not irrelevant for the people involved, but in terms of what you start out searching for, they are. For instance, there are four other Jennifer Hudsons listed: the girl who sings in the movie is not a stunt artist, a member of the miscellaneous crew on Full Disclosure, an actress who doesn’t sing, nor someone who works in the Art Department. Now, didn’t you not want to know all that?

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