Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blogged out...almost

In my current search for some money-making projects on the Net, I signed up with yet another blog crowd last night: Blogit. I'll give them a trial month to see how they go in terms of being moneymakers; have a suspicion it'll cost me as much as I'll gain. Quite apart from the effort of writing posts to up to four blogs a day (that's four at different sites, not all on Blogit!) By the way, unless you want to pay for the privilege of seeing what I'm writing on Blogit, I'm afraid it's going to be off-limits.

The writing isn't difficult; it's the keeping up with everything. Some smaller things will have to drop away, things that make so little money a time that they aren't worth bothering with longterm. And then today I received a reject for every single review I'd done on a particular site! Not specific enough. That's vague, isn't it? This from a site that has no account for each individual involved, so you have no idea where your material has gone. Nor does it show what you've made - or in my case, haven't made. Well, they can keep their US$1.50 a review (it was $2.00 when I first looked - they must have seen me coming!)

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