Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More news on Peter Jackson

If he directs the Harry Potter series he’s going to insist on them being filmed in NZ. "Not only is Weta Workshops extremely capable, but we have the scenery. Some of the scenery in previous Potter movies has been all CGI. Here we can make a complete reversal of this process, and use real scenery!"
There’s been some concern about him having to drag a large cast all the way to NZ to film the last two movies in the series. One agent particularly mentioned that Dame Maggie Smith is now quite elderly, and prefers not to travel far to make movies. "If she could shoot the film in her own living room, she’d be happy!"
Jackson is not fazed by this. "We could get Andy Serkis to do the part, and then use CGI to turn him into Maggie Smith! It’s quite simple. She could do the vocal part of the role. We’d probably need to do a moderate amount of filming of her, to get the movements right, but these could probably be done in her living room, in fact!"

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