Friday, January 05, 2007

Whether it's the weather or what

In the paper this morning there’s a report about a number of well-known New Zealanders called themselves the NZ Climate Science Coalition saying that they want the Government to set up a Royal Commission investigating the reality of climate change, that is, whether there really is global warming, or whether the information we’ve been getting is ‘incomplete, inaccurate and biased.’

Strong words. They say that the data from the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) released this week actually bears against the idea of global warming, rather than giving support to it.

I must say that I find the whole concept of global warming a matter of concern, more than global warming itself. There are too many sensible scientists saying things that disprove global warming – in opposition, of course, to a large number who say global warming is a reality. After the Millennium bug, and the fizzer that bird flu has been, it’s hard to know whether we’re being driven by some agenda that wants to keep us in a permanent state of ‘the sky is falling’. As I remember reading somewhere, it’s only a few decades since scientists were concerned that the earth was cooling.

Whatever the case, no doubt those who have their investments in safe things like gold and silver will come sailing through. Gold investing is still regarded as one of the world’s ways of keeping afloat through thick and thin, through global warming and global cooling, through bird flu and SARS and everything else that we’ve been battered over the head with recently.

Maybe it’s time to invest in gold!

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