Sunday, January 07, 2007

Links to the left of me, links to the right of me

I can’t say the Optics Planet site is the tidiest site I’ve ever visited, nor is it the most pleasantly laid out. It’s aim is to get on with the job and sell. It’s like one of the old-fashioned stores - gun shops and fishing shops still tend to go for this style - where all the stock is on display and all crammed together in as little space as possible. Fishing rods sprout like supergrass, and tackle swarms; leggings hang like dried seaweed, and there are cases and cases of flies (and sometimes a few flies with legs as well). Gunshops are a bit tidier, on average, but they usually sport enough guns to give you nightmares, and bulletsbulletsbullets and shellsshellsshells.
Optics Planet is the same: its opening page has more words per screen than anything I’ve seen in a while, and though there are pictures, they’re almost nudged off the page by more words. Practically every word is clickable – so thick on the ground are the links that you’re likely to click on Butler Creek and end up in Coronado. (Butler Creek, for those need to know these things, deal with rifle scope covers, slings, binocular straps etc – Coronado is into things telescopic.)
Optics Planet also sells atn scopes– go on, check them out! It’s a site that’ll keep you occupied all day…!
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