Friday, January 05, 2007

Now here’s a challenge. This was one of seven tips for doing better with writing in this new year. It comes from the EzineArticles newsletter.

"Start with your biggest goal and then chunk it down. Example: If your biggest goal is to produce 1,200 articles this year (100 per month, every month), work it out backwards as to how many per week, per day and per hour you'll need to produce to meet your goals. Are there other ways to meet your goals than to produce them all yourself personally?"

100 per month? 3 a day? What sort of quality are we talking about here? Okay, I can write several blog pieces a day if I want, and maybe an article or two, but 3 decent pieces a day is quite something. Although with being able to write at will on the Net these days, I suppose three relatively interesting pieces isn’t beyond the realms of possibility. Maybe it’s looking at it from a ‘biggest goal’ point of view that’s the problem. Three pieces in three different blogs a day isn’t impossible at all. On the other hand, if I was thinking in terms of three articles to be published in the normal mainstream magazines, I’d be struggling to get this together, as, I think, would any writer.

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