Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The dude has talent...!

Just to prove there's never a new idea under the sun, I discovered today that the idea of Jackson directing Potter has already been mooted - as I should have known it would be. I don't know if the site is still accessible - I had to use Google's cache approach to pick it up, but seems on Petition Spot, back in 2005, someone started a petition to get Jackson to direct the next Potter movie.
Peter Jackson really needs to direct harry potter and the order of the pheonix, harry potter and the half blood prince, and harry potter 7. hopefully you all saw the wonders with what he did with lord of the rings the dude has talent. maybe if he directs Harry potter might actually win the oscars. please sign my petition you'll be helping a awesome book become an awesome movie. plus all of the other directors ruin the books!!!!!!! stick to the books u stupid directors!!!!!
I love the comment: 'the dude has talent'.
And here's a comment on the petition:
Peter Jackson has a great talent that not manydirectors have. He manages to extract the mostcritical points from a book and display itmagnificently on the movies. This can be seen fromthe LOTR trilogy. He also manages to add manyinteresting pieces of the plot that were not foundin the book and adds life to the movie. King Kongwas another great movie. Also, I hope IanMcKellen can be cast as Dumbledore as the currentDumbledore is too aggressive.
Yeah! Go McKellan!

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