Monday, January 01, 2007

Keeping track of those employees...what a job!

Having not long started a new job, albeit part-time, and working now with at least 30-40 other employees, (I’m not sure how many there are as they come and go on some as yet-undiscovered-roster system), I can imagine the nightmare the boss has in trying to organise these people: their days on, days off, special leave (such as bereavement, as I had to have the week after I started!), their holidays, their bonuses, you name it.
At the moment the boss seems to do this all on multiple pieces of paper. Poor her!
I came across this excellent site where you can buy employee review software to do this sort of thing for you. Loved the video, which didn’t assume you were the world’s slowest reader. It allowed you enough time to read, and then got straight on with the next screen. There’s nothing worse than a video that takes forever. (Especially ones that don’t have words at all!)

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