Sunday, October 04, 2009

Christmas Carol

One thing I don't seem to have mentioned in here is that we've started rehearsals for A Christmas Carol, a dramatised version of the Dickens' story. I have no idea who did this dramatisation, as there's no author listed on the script I have, and our director has had difficulties in finding out who owns the royalties (I think that issue has been resolved satisfactorily).

We started about three weeks ago, and I'm having a bit of an easier time than I did during When We Are Married, as I appear in the first act and then go home - pretty much. I'm playing Marley's Ghost, and Mr Fezziwig. Marley is wonderfully full of bile, and of course, Mr Fezziwig is full of delight and love of life. So they make a nice contrast. But I only have about eight minutes after Marley leaves the stage before I appear again as Fezziwig. Think they're going to be an action-packed eight minutes.

The Fezziwigs are pictured at right. (I'm not putting weight on for the part, incidentally.) By the way, there have been some fifty movie or television versions of Christmas Carol. It must rank as one of the most frequently made of Dickens' stories. In a blog post, Jon Michael Varese asks Why we continue to read Dickens, when many of his contemporaries have fallen on the wayside of literary history.
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