Thursday, October 08, 2009

In between

Put the programme together for the Concert CD, and then realised, in the middle of the night - as you do - that in order for it to come out printing in the right order, the pages on screen have to be in some peculiar and different order. My brain hasn't had the energy to work it out yet, but no doubt it'll give it a try - probably around 2 or 3 in the morning.

So instead of doing what I should be doing...sorting out the booklet...I'm answering questions in a quiz on books on the message board on TradeMe. The only problem with answering the questions is that you've got to keep clicking on the reload current page button. The new responses don't come up automatically, which means it can look as though you've got the answer all to yourself and then find when you reload that four other people have snuck in before you. And it doesn't seem to be that Mozilla's got a shortcut key for reloading the page.

At the moment there's a mid-quiz break, so I made myself some toast, and am making a few silly comments on the Board to keep the interest up.
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