Monday, March 22, 2010

Ready, steady, OK, Go!

Colon cleanse benefits are touted to be many and varied, but for me a much greater benefit was gained from watching the following music video, which starts off as an ordinary knock-over-the-dominoes piece and becomes ever more wild as it progresses. It appears to have been shot in one continuous shot, and on the couple of viewings I've had so far, that may well be the case. However, it becomes so improbable as it nears the end that perhaps the thing isn't quite so seamless as it seems.

Nevertheless, however it's done - and it's done very well - it's probably a good deal more cathartic than having one of those colon cleanses, the very thought of which sends shivers up and down my spine. They may be for some, but they ain't for me!

The video of This Too Shall Pass' comes from OK Go's new album "Of the Blue Colour of the Sky" available here, where you can also get more information about their tour. If you have time to focus on the song while the video's playing, you've got the ability to multi-task in a great measure.

It was directed by James Frost, OK Go and Syyn Labs. The video was filmed in a two story warehouse, in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA. The "machine" was designed and built by the band, along with members of Syyn Labs over the course of several months.

PS - Just discovered that OK Go is in fourth place on the Time Magazine's list of the top 50 videos on You Tube (top in terms of having been viewed the most). It's another very clever piece of choreography, taking place on several moving treadmills.
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