Monday, July 26, 2010

Over to degrees

My wife and I are just switching to the 2Degrees network, but both had about $4 on our Vodafone cards.  So we thought we'd use them up.  I rang my daughter in Auckland and we chatted and chatted and still no sign of the card coming to an end.   Finally she had to ring off and put the kids to bed.   And even then there was still $2 left.   So my wife rang a good friend of hers in Christchurch, and within a minute had run out of money!    How does that work?

Now I have to register with 2Degrees - we've already got a couple of their sim cards - and no doubt that'll be fiddly.  Maybe not!

Meantime I'm coping with the new Google version of Blogger, where they've made some changes - some good, like a button for links which, most oddly, never existed before; and some not so good like not being able to pick up photos off your own PC.   When you click on the add picture button it offers you a choice of getting something straight off an Url (or 'a URL' as they put it) or via Picasa - but online, not off your computer as I discovered after I'd installed Picasa - or from the pictures that you've already got on your blogs.   Weird.   Seemingly this is a bug that they're supposed to be fixing. Let's hope they hurry. 

Now why I'd want to write about an Epson receipt printer I'm not entirely sure.   One of the joys of blogging is that you find yourself writing about all sorts of things you know next to nothing about.   Which requires research, which I sometimes do...sometimes well, and sometimes not.   The latter is one of those occasions.   A receipt printer is one used for Eftpos machines - as I'm sure you all know without my having to present you with any of my research - and they make that whining little noise as though it was some kind of pain to present you with a receipt.  

They're ubiquitous.   There now.  That's enough.  Plus I managed to sneak in a decently long and suitably incomprehensible word. 
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