Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Peter Bregman writes regularly on the Harvard Business Review online.    He does so with humour and an ability to see his own shortcomings, which makes him somewhat different from most of the writers on this site, where the talk is usually about business, business and more business.  

In his most recent article, 'How to avoid (and quickly recover from) misunderstandings,' he shows how easily it is to overlook another person's needs, and equally how easy it is to mis-hear what they're really saying.  

I'm not going to quote from it, as it needs to be read as a whole, but let me suggest that most husbands need to read this piece.   I need to read it....again. 

I tried to put a photo of Peter Bregman in this post, but after checking through hundreds of photos from the Picasa web albums that supposedly relate to my blogs, I still can't see one of him - though there should be one there.  Unfortunately there are no names and no order to the photos!
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