Friday, July 20, 2007

Not quite the Queen's Birthday List

One last thing from HitTail for tonight: a list of the people I’ve written about who keep turning up in search engines.
Anna Leese – NZ opera singer doing well in London.
Wally Crossman – NZ painter and friend of mine.
Jeffrey Paparoa Holman – NZ poet whom I’ve had a very small amount to do with.
James Mason – particularly in relation to the film, Odd Man Out.
Michael Gurr – Australian playwright, and author of Days Like These, which I started to read just before I left for England, and had to return to the library.
Emma Fraser – NZ soprano who’s also doing well.
Ronnie Rinalde – the man who whistled his way to fame.
Anna Jemison - Aussie actress who appeared in Smash Palace, one of NZ's great movies.
Lindsay Crooks – excellent NZ painter who died a couple of years ago of a brain tumour. I knew him quite well, too.
Lloyd Jones – NZ author of Mr Pip, the only book of his I’ve been able to get into!
Arnold Bachop – long-time friend, and lyric tenor.
Graeme Obree – rather sulky-looking star of The Flying Scotsman.
Kate Lineham – broadcaster.
Karl Maugham – another NZ painter, whose paintings of florid gardens really appeal to me.
And finally:
Winifred Kavalieris, whose name didn’t mean a thing to me when I saw it on the list, but who turns out to be the author of a poem I quoted. I don’t really know who this writer is, but the same name turns up as a research student in the Physical Education Dept of Otago University. There she’s listed as writing a paper called: Illuminating the Manuscript: The extraordinary nature of dance education in schools.
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