Monday, July 16, 2007

The search for a suitable bath

I made a brief note about the size of English baths on my Travel Blog, saying that they appeared to be too deep and too narrow. This meant it was difficult to step out of them comfortably, and difficult to lie in them comfortably.
I now realise they’re also too short. Rather like the doors of the house we’re staying in at the moment, they assume the users will be under five feet.
In this same house, I thought I would take a bath this morning, as it seemed as though the bath wasn’t as deep as the others we’d experienced. No, it wasn’t too deep, but it was both narrow and short. When I lay down with my head on the non-tap end, my feet stuck up in the air. Short of filling the bath considerably more than I did, I couldn’t keep all of my body (sans head) under the water all of the time. Oh, dear. It looks like the bath we have in our house at home is one of its kind: wide, long and shallow.
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