Sunday, July 01, 2007

In Collaboration

My IT son has been behind the production of a number of projects in which collaboration software is involved. This means, as far as I can gauge (and I’m only an amateur geek, remember) that software provided online by the host company can be accessed by various other businesses. Each business, and each person within that business, will have their own information stored, but it will be separate from everyone else’s – except where a business requires employees to share information. And of course, the host will change the look of the software to suit each individual company’s needs. is one such company, and they are at present offering a 30 day free trial of their software. (I’d take them up on it if I was at home – but I’m not, and I don’t think my host would appreciate having it on his computer!). Everything from website content management, group scheduling, and business email solutions to improved workflow and in-depth personalization of your own information can be managed by this software. There’s a lengthy video available on their site to give you plenty of info about what the product might look like. (Though it’s interesting to see that the person they take as their example appears to have changed her name during the course of the making of the video: perhaps she got married!)

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