Sunday, July 15, 2007

And walk together down an English lane...Not!

England’s country lanes ought to be places of quiet and peace where you can go and walk the dog (if you have one) and breathe in fresh air. They’re arched over with ancient trees, and the grasses and bushes along the side allow almost no view of the surrounding fields. Many of them are single lane, with only occasional spaces for passing another car.
So far I haven’t been tempted to go walk the dog or anything else, as there are no paths along the side, and the thought of some driver speeding along, careless of people in the way (rather like Toad of Toad Hall) puts me off almost entirely.
It’s not that there are heaps of cars on these lanes. In fact there are very few, and in consequence, drivers tend to think they won’t meet anyone else coming the other way. Nor do they consider they’ll they bowl some poor pedestrian into the undergrowth at the side. As a result, I’ve avoided walking these lanes so far. At least until I get myself some protective gear.
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