Saturday, July 07, 2007

Dear old Stella!

I’ve always been impressed with the Stella Artois ads on television: they tell great stories, with humour, and are clear about what the product is. Now I don’t often go to pubs, not having much reason to when I’m living at home, but since I’ve been in England I’ve been in more pubs than in a long time - probably when I was last in England, in fact. And so today, when the opportunity arose and we were having lunch in the pub with some family members, I thought I’d give Stella Artois a go.
The ads show it as something to be priced above riches, more important than freedom, better than life. Not so. Stella Artois is a moderately pleasant lager, drinkable but certainly not memorable in my opinion. I could have quite happily done with something else to accompany my meal, and I don’t think I’ll be bothering with it again. So much for advertising.
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