Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blogging for Bloggers

Someone else is celebrating the pay it forward link thing I mentioned yesterday – and celebrating it late, like me.

I came across a site today called simply, Write for Blogs, via my old friend Jurgen Wolff (who’s always sending me interesting stuff). The site is focused on giving professional advice on – you guessed it - writing for blogs. So you can imagine I’ll be keeping my eye on what he has to say.

‘He’ is Glenn Abel who lives in Studio City, California (where else would you have a ‘Studio City’?) He works in the Internet industry – whatever that actually means – and he sounds like he’s writing like someone who knows. Always an advantage for the rest of us, who only think we know.

Anyway, in the post posted on the 22nd July, he lists six other bloggers who are worth keeping track of. One of them is already on my favourites list, and that’s Darren Rowse of Problogger. (And he’s an Australian, so that has to count for quite a bit. And he’s a Christian, which counts for even more.)

The other five writers are Angela Booth, someone called Maki, Brian Clark and Jurgen Wolff himself. (Surprise, surprise! We all keep feeding off each other!) And finally, the seemingly anonymous author of the Writer’s Resource Center. I’ve never come across this one before, but it looks more useful than I first believed, and advertises a large number of writing jobs.

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