Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Linking, linking

A while ago I posted about the idea of linking to other blogs just for the fun of it, and so they could have an extra link on the system. I think officially it’s supposed to happen at the beginning of the month, but with my life slightly disordered at the moment, it’ll have to be today – whatever day it is.

Slouching towards Serfdom – this is strictly for those who understand shares and markets and such. It’s well done, but just a fraction incomprehensible to me!

Centrum Laban, el poder de las ideas looks like a site that’s into political things in a big way. Maybe even revolution.

The next blog appeared to be called Wasted Daze, and announced on its top post a site called getpoor.com. Apparently at that site “100% of the people who try this, WILL MAKE MONEY!!! It's mathematically impossible to fail...” Always one to be curious about people’s ideas about making money, I checked out getpoor.com. The section on how to get poor is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek page with diagrams on how wealth is made and who makes it. And who doesn’t. It’s wise enough to take a look. Not sure where you go afterwards, though, since the other pages on the site seem all to be ‘under construction.’ Furthermore, when you go back to the original Wasted Daze site, it’s all about making money on the Net – many of the possibilities seem pretty dubious.

Finally, Filmschatten film that made (no) history. This site seems to consist of a lot of clips from movies, or the complete movies themselves in several chunks. Why The Seven Samurai should be included is anyone’s guess.

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