Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hotels in London

Once our time of baby-sitting homes in the UK finishes at the end of August we’ll need to start looking at actually paying for accommodation! Scary.

I’ve just been informed of a site on the Net that advertises hotels in London (a place we’ll be going back to at some point, since we’ve only spent three rather hectic days there so far). The focus of the site is the offer of last minute bookings (last minute in this case being within 21 days) at places that are cheaper than hotels. A slightly odd concept, since most of the places listed on the site are actually hotels, but that’s by the by!

The prices vary from the extremely economic to the top level – no guesses as to which end of the spectrum we’ll be aiming at. You have this idea in mind that hotels in London must be impossibly expensive, and that they’re booked out all year round. They’re neither. Of course you can pay the earth for a hotel – if you’re a Sheikh or a celebrity – but being neither we don’t feel inclined to pay more than a reasonable price.

Nor are we people who attend conferences regularly, but obviously plenty of other people do. In fact, my English nephew speaks at them all the year around. I don’t know if he’s spoken at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, but it’s regarded as London’s premier conference centre, so it’s likely he has. And if you get bored listening to people like my nephew (an unlikely possibility) you can stare out the window at the Houses of Parliament, because the Centre is right in the heart of London, or you can sit and consider how lucky you were that you came across your very economic hotel on the cheaper than hotels site!

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