Monday, July 16, 2007


We’ve been to three different churches since we came to England. Three times to my niece and her husband’s church, where things are pretty lively, and the preaching has been consistently worth hearing. Once to the Park Avenue Methodist Church in Northampton, (pictured) where we attended a fairly traditional service that included a double baptism of twin boys, and communion. The sermon wasn’t up to much that morning, but there was plenty else going on, and the people were friendly.
And this morning to a Baptist Chapel at Whepstead, where there were probably only twenty-five people including children, but where we were greeted enthusiastically, and made very welcome. It was pretty traditional too, compared to the Baptist Church we attend at home, but that was okay. The organist was very good, the singing was full-hearted, and the sermon, from a minister who had recently celebrated fifty years since his ordination, was thoughtful and sound. So much for Christianity being on the wane in the UK. The warm welcomes we’ve received everywhere we’ve been and the sound teaching has confirmed that Jesus is alive and well in this country.
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