Sunday, July 22, 2007


Never give someone a challenge when they have the ability to search the whole of the Internet for an answer.

1964. That was the challenge, so I checked out to see whether I’d ever written about that year before, and yes I had: it was the year the word condominium was born.

Unfortunately it was also the year the English Sun newspaper was born, something we probably could have done without.

It was a leap year (you can divide it by four). The Winter Olympics in Innsbruck nearly didn’t go ahead because of a lack of snow. Mods and Rockers were clashing in British seaside towns and scores of them were jailed. The best picture of the year was Tom Jones, with a very young Albert Finney. (He’s always seemed a lot older since then!) And the movie Mary Poppins arrived.

There you go! That wasn’t hard.

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