Friday, July 13, 2007

Shrinking Neck on Shirt

I haven’t checked my old friends for a week or so, because I haven’t had easy access to the Internet. As my Travel blog notes, we’ve had to sit in pubs (!) and listen to noisy music, and get the laptop out and connect to The Cloud, in order to be linked to the big wide Web.

So when I got to look at HitTail just now, I find that the top search phrase, virtually, (apart from the ubiquitous Brent Stavig – who comes top! – and yours truly, who comes second!!), has to do with shrinking shirts. Shrinking shirts? Is this such a topic already that the whole world wants to know how to deal with them?

One person checked out ‘shrinking neck on shirt’. I presume they meant the shirt’s neck, not the inhabitant’s. No doubt they quickly discovered that this blog is of absolutely no use when it comes to giving advice about shrinking shirts – or even shrinking violets, if it comes to that.

The composer and pianist Gao Ping, who writes piano music he can sing along to, also comes fairly high on the list of search terms. I hadn’t realised that Gao Ping is the same person as Ping Gao (these Asians!) who is a music lecturer at Canterbury University in NZ.

Well, there you go. Perhaps I should occasionally call myself Crowl Mike, just to see if it has an effect on my reputation. (It could only improve it.)

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