Friday, October 14, 2011

Time for a Change

Those familiar with the usual look of this blog will note a slight change.  In fact they may wonder what's become of's gone from a somewhat bland approach, with posts leaking their way down the page as usual, running out of space and becoming 'older posts' and with various other items visible on the page. 

At the moment I haven't discovered what's become of these other items - links to other blogs, and info about the writer and more - but no doubt in due course I'll uncover them.   In the meantime, the new look is actually quite a lot of fun and very visual.   Even the posts that don't have a picture attached claim attention by not having something graphic, as though they were somehow less of the hoi polloi.  

And I've just seen that I'm no longer restricted to one look; by clicking on the menu over to the top left, you, the reader, can change the look of the page to suit yourself.   Apparently.   Currently I've got it on Flipcard, but it can be in half a dozen or more formats.   Phew.  All a bit much. 

Time will tell how I feel about the arrangement overall, and it's possible I may revert to 'normality' if I get frustrated with this new mode.   Now, since visual is all the rage on here, I better attach a photo of something relevant!

Photo by Matt from London
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