Monday, October 24, 2011

Jennie Lynn Paske paintings

As anyone who uses Blogger will (probably) know, on the Overview page of any particular blog you can now see three other blogs listed, suggestions by Blogger of blogs you might like to visit.   They're usually pretty randomly selected, but today I came across one that was worth the visit. 

It's called Jennie Lynn Paske's Obsolete World and it features paintings by the blogger.   I don't want to reproduce any of the pictures directly here, because of copyright issues, but even more because I'd like you to go and look at the paintings on the blog yourself, rather than just viewing one I've chosen for you. 

I will however reproduce a photo of a number of the paintings hanging in an exhibition: that will give you enough of an idea of the style of the artist without compromising any particular work. 

In this picture you can just see something of the artist's style, and colours.   This artist paints pictures of strange creatures that don't quite inhabit our world...or perhaps any world.  Some are a little creepy, I must admit; more are quite endearing.   Check out this one, or this one.  They'll give you a better idea of what's she creating. 
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