Friday, January 16, 2009

Frank Crowl

Being an inveterate looker-upperer of my own name on the Web, I thought I'd have a change and do another check to see what there was on my father, Frank Crowl.
Since I last looked he's come up in the Google world. Instead of there only being one or two references to him, and those mostly only in relation to Cecil Purdy, the great Australian chess player, he's now appearing on several sites. And there's a photo of him on this site. It's not the clearest, but it will suffice for the time being. (I have some photos in albums somewhere, which I might dig out.)
The cigarette holder is plainly visible - apparently it was almost a fixture.
The other day, on a blog called Bloggercises, I had a brief correspondence with someone who was impressed to meet Frank Crowl's son (via the Net). Felt quite famous for a moment. [Check down in the comments on this link.]

My father is now referenced on, on (in relation to Purdy's book: How Purdy Won), in some discussion of The Kibitzer, on the MasterChessGames site, where all the games are ones he won, on a blog where a game he played with Bob Wade is analysed, in the Google books online 'copy' of the Batsford Chess Puzzle Book, and on a page called The Mad Aussie's Chess Trivia. I'm sure there are more, but that's all I've picked up recently.
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