Monday, January 26, 2009

Submit It!

Just been reading a brief article called Make Your Articles Earn Money for Years Without Extra Work.
It was on the site where I've submitted a number of brief pieces over the last couple of years. Like so many articles of this kind it spends more time telling you what sort of things to write about and how to write well than actually dealing with the matter in the title. That comes way down the page, where the writer's info is basically: submit to more search engines. Oh, and use better key words.
As anyone who's browsed this blog more than once will note, I often discuss the results of HitTail (and no, I don't get paid a cent by them for doing so - even though I must be one of their best promoters!). HitTail tells me which of my key words are making it big in the search results. The interesting thing is that these key words are seldom the ones that the search engines will proclaim will get you noticed. The ones they want you to use - or rather, recommend you should use - they're also recommending to every other Johnnie on the Net. And if everyone is using the same bunch of key words, guess who's going to get noticed? Not the little bloke with a few articles floating around.
HitTail's approach is to give results based on the words that are already in your blog/article/whatever and tell you which of those are making an impact. I find it effective, certainly effective enough for my particular neck of the woods.
One thing the writer of the article I mentioned at the beginning notes is that there's a site called Submit Express which offers you the chance to get noticed on the search engines for free. Since it's free it's worth giving it a try - certainly I wouldn't be paying for it at this point.
This is the writer's most valid point - although you'd think by the way the commenters to his article rave that everything he said had come down the mountain on a couple of stone tablets. Well, maybe there are still lots of newbies out there in cyberspace (!)

What I meant to write here initially (before I got so sidetracked about the article and stuff) was that I was checking out the views on the various articles I've got on Triond. The top three are an interesting bunch. 1st and 3rd we have articles on 'current' topics: A Future without Plastic, and, The End of Petroleum?
These are the sorts of articles every decent writer should be writing at the moment, you'd think. Very ecological, very environmental - and so on. That's what I thought when I wrote them!
But the surprise is the 2nd top article: Where are the Willy Wonka Children?
This is an article of such earth-shattering importance that nearly a 1050 people have viewed it. (1050 may not sound many in cyberspace terms, but in my terms, it's a big number.)
So there you go. Celebrity continues to win out over environment and ecology. Sorry about that all you serious-minded people!

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