Friday, January 02, 2009

Change of weather

For the first time in at least two weeks, it's pouring, with the wind blowing the rain every which way.
We've got used to bright light until late in the day, and not having to turn the lights on. We've got used to having warmth inside and out, and wearing fewer clothes. Suddenly it's chilly, and dark inside the house. Pooh. It's nice to have summer go on and on for more than a couple of days!
There are supposed to be severe weather warnings for various parts of the country, however, as I write this, the rain has suddenly stopped. Contrary.
Hopefully it'll dry up again and we can continue working on shifting the compost heap from one side of the section to the other. It's been in a corner by the drive for as long as I can remember, but the fencing around it is rotting away, and we're going to extend the garden into that area.
In the new area, we're planning on building some new boxing for it, and doing some rotational composting, rather than just having one large (slow) heap, as in the past. Not that that heap hasn't worked: the compost we've got out of there has been great. We're just trying a different approach.

Talking about compost, and looking up previous references to the topic here reminded me that it's fun to check out the more peculiar searches on Google that bring up my blog. Hittail keeps track of these, so I've just had a look. (What to do on a rainy day that can't make up its mind.)

random pretty piano sheet
dig wyler didgeridoo
fibre optic crowl
carl maum artist nz
the god questions why is there so much t-shirt
edu mendez antonio del valle fedor de pablos
what kind of jeans does mike phelps wear

I think my favourite is the one about God and the t-shirt, but most of the others do pretty well in terms of obscurity too! And note that someone spells Karl Maughan's name even more wrongly than I usually do.

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