Thursday, April 26, 2012


One of the great joys of life is finding a battery when you need it.  It's second only to the fact that if you have a cellphone, or an iPhone, or an iPad, you're forever having to recharge it.  Why batteries have such pathetically short lives I can't imagine.   It doesn't gain the manufacturers of these devices anything to have you forever recharging, so why don't they provide batteries that actually have a long life, instead of these wimpy things that die after a bit of use?

I thought about this after seeing advertising for Duracell Procell AAA batteries, but any kind of battery would have brought this to mind.  We use a lot of rechargeable batteries around our house, because things like cameras and remotes and dictaphones and MP3 players are always going on the blink when you most expect that they won't.   And we always think we've got the rechargeables ready to go, but of course when the need arises, they decide that they've had enough.

Time for a big rethink on batteries, I suspect, especially as the world moves more and more into the mobile age....
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