Saturday, April 21, 2012

Self-publishing in its various forms

According to Seth Godin, the following authors were all self-published.   In the light of the current chaos swirling around the world of publishing, and with self-publishing in a variety of forms becoming all too common, it's interesting to see who's on the list.  

Ben Franklin
Ezra Pound
Emily Dickinson
Marcel Proust
Dave Eggers
Thomas Paine
Jane Austen
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Walt Whitman
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Stephen Crane
Nikki Giovanni
Virginia Woolf

Of course, self-publishing isn't just confined to the world of books...what we're doing with my musical, Grimhilda!, is a form of self-publishing.  Someone said to me the other day, 'You're lucky to be getting it on at all'.   But in fact, it's because we've done it ourselves, to a great extent, that it's going on.  It would never have got off the ground if I'd waited for an impresario.   Although an impresario might have come in handy, given some of the difficulties we've faced!
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