Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet

Not being a cyclist I've never quite understood why some people make such a fuss about wearing a helmet to protect their head in case of an accident.  Supposedly cycling has taken a downturn since helmets came in, which personally I find hard to believe.  Whatever the case, there are still people hassling about wearing these protective devices, so two women have invented the 'invisible cycle helmet.'

This short video doesn't show you the helmet until the very end: it's a neat surprise, and a leap of the imagination.

You'll have to go to Vimeo to see it (I haven't figured out how to get their videos to show up on my blog as yet).   But there's also more information about the helmet on the inventors' site.   You can also read what the Guardian wrote about it in May.

Both the women in these photos are wearing invisible helmets. 
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