Thursday, September 06, 2012

Tim Minchin and Prejudice

I don't know many people who were born in Northampton, in the UK, but apparently Tim Minchin (who's generally regarded as an Aussie) was.  I'd never heard of him till tonight, but it's not unusual for me to be way behind the eight ball when it comes to catching up with singers and musicians and artists in general.  (I've actually been in Northampton more than once, because I have relatives on my wife's side who live there.  I was actually born in Australia,  so does that makes me a kind of reverse Tim Minchin, a kind of Nihcnim Mit?  And did you know that Tim Minchin is an anagram of Ninth Mimic?)

Enough of that.  Tim Minchin is a talented musician who can play piano and sing. His songs (if the one in the video is anything to go by) are very clever and amusing.   The song has a longish opening that leads you down a completely different track (especially if, as a New Zealander, you've heard about the word Hone Harawira used in Facebook recently) and then it gives you a lovely surprise by turning out to be about something else altogether.  

Great stuff...

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